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Diving Hoods. Branded in great variety and at the best prices. For Νο 1 fishing tackle and diving e-shop inGreece.

Spetton Diving Hoods Winter

Κατάδυση - Spetton Κουκούλα Κατάδυσης WinterΚατάδυση - Spetton Κουκούλα Κατάδυσης Winter

Spetton Diving Hoods Winter

Spetton Diving Hoods Winter
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37,82 €
35,93 €
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 •  Thickness  3mm
 •  Interior  Double sizes jersey knit lining
 •  Exterior  Slick neopren
 •  Sizes  S-M-L
 •  Color  Black
 •  Special Features  Fully covers the face and prevents headaches caused by the gold waters

Παράδοση σε 2-4 ημέρες


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