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Ryobi Proskyer Aquapower SD 6500


Ryobi Proskyer Aquapower SD 6500

Ryobi Proskyer Aquapower SD 6500
Κωδικός Προιόντος: Proskyer Aquapower SD 6500
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Features - Technologies - Innovations

Ryobi Anti-Reverse System  

The Anti-Reverse system essentially prevents the fishing gear lever from moving backwards. You can do this by placing a stainless steel, steel bearing that makes the mechanism move in one direction only, making the fisherman always in direct contact with the fish so that he can bring it very quickly.

Ryobi Anti Twist System  

With Anti Twist System technology we manage to get rid of the confusion created when retrieving the line or thread. At the same time, the Anti Twist System offers fishing machines better control over the winding of the line or thread.


Ryobi Anti Vibro System  

The Anti Vibro System is a revolutionary technology system where it minimizes the vibrations caused by picking up the thread or line, thus achieving greater stability during the battle with the fish.


Ryobi Brilliant Line Allocation System  

Brilliant Line Allocation System technology manages and reduces the oscillation of the Pick Up and increases the stability of the fishing mechanism, giving it a balanced rotation of the cabin. As a result, even in a big battle with big fish, the gear and the shaft do not show any oscillation, achieving maximum efficiency.


Ryobi CNC  

The CNC system is an innovative technology used in the gears of the fishing gear, which is made of very strong high density metal alloy. With the precision CNC technology gears we have really excellent cooperation of each section inside the mechanism even under heavy load.


Ryobi Full Metal Gear  

The name of this technology says it all. Full Metal Gear, ie drive gears, which are made of strong high density metal alloy and anti-oxidation treatment. As a result, we have gears that can withstand harsh use and stress for a long time.


Ryobi Full Body Metal  

Full Body Metal technology means a fishing mechanism with a fully metal body and rotor. As a result, we have a very strong and robust mechanism in all respects.


Ryobi Full-Metal Construction  

Fishing mechanisms with Full-Metal Construction technology have a metal construction in all their mechanical parts, where they ensure the maximum strength of the mechanism and its protection from damage, increasing its lifespan.


Ryobi Metal Spool  

The metal Spool construction technology of aluminum transmitters is made of light metal, they have polished and smooth metal lips as well as a conical shape. They manage and increase the performance in the shots to the maximum while at the same time they give exceptional precision and very great resistance to the damages from the sea water.

Ryobi Japan Technology  

The Japanese Ryobi simply tells us that the fishing gear is a guarantee of quality, in its design and construction, bringing the best technological innovations of Japan.


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