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Sunset Girelle XRS2 1.50m

Καλάμι Ψαρέματος Βάρκας -  Καθετής Sunset Girelle XRS2Καλάμι Ψαρέματος Βάρκας - Καθετής Sunset Girelle XRS2

Sunset Girelle XRS2 1.50m

Sunset Girelle XRS2 1.50m
Κωδικός Προιόντος: STSRF8149150-1
24,07 €
21,66 €
Παράδοση σε 2-4 ημέρες

 •  Fiberglass “FGC Concept”
 •  2 sections
 •  Anti-shock knob
 •  EVA handle
 •  tubular reel seat
 •  SiC guides
 •  multicoloured buscle tip section



Length / Sections





185 gr




Features - Technologies - Innovations

Τεχνολογία Καλαμιού Ψαρέματος Fiberglass  

Fiberglass is the technique of making fishing rods from fiberglass. Its advantages are the high breaking limit and the high degree of elasticity of the reed. As a construction material, it is cheaper than Carbon, so we usually find it in low cost fishing rods. It is considered a very good choice for young fishermen.


Τεχνολιγία Καλαμιού Ψαρέματος Λαβή Eva  

EVA foam grips for fishing rod handles is some of the best in the fishing rod industry. EVA foam material is dense, durable and comfortable. These grips can be used for replacing old worn out rod handles and for building new custom fishing rods.



Silicon Carbide (SiC), Silicon is infiltrated into a pre-formed silicon carbide/carbon powder green body which is then fired. This gives rise to around 10% free silicon, which fills the pores.


Παράδοση σε 2-4 ημέρες


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