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Fishing carp rods from the best manufacturers and at the best prices like Daiwa, Ryobi, Okuma, Dam, Colmic.

Dam XT1 3,90m

Καλάμι Ψαρέματος Carp Dam XT1Καλάμι Ψαρέματος Carp Dam XT1

Dam XT1 3,90m

It is hard not to talk in superlatives when describing how much rod you get for your money. The new, 24TC carbon XT1 rods are so slim and fast and, if we me say so ourselves, so good looking that you might ask yourself if the price is not a mistake...
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88,32 €
79,49 €
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There should be a rod for everybody, because the range covers just about every need, from very short and light until long and heavy, many with a size 50 starting guide. There are even a few nice telescopic versions. But don't take our word for it: take one in your hand at your local tackle shop and be convinced.



Length / Sections




3,90m / 2




Features - Technologies - Innovations

Τεχνολογία Καλαμιού Ψαρέματος Carbon  

Carbon fiber is an excellent material for high performance fishing rod blanks because it has a very high strength to weight ratio and it bends when a load is applied to it and it quickly straightens when the load is removed. This is referred to as recovery. Blanks made with higher performance carbon fiber are more sensitive than those made with inferior materials because less material can be used to achieve the desired stiffness of the blank


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