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Major Craft Crostage New Tiprun S602L/TE 1.83m

Major Craft Crostage New Tiprun S602L/TE 1.83MMajor Craft Crostage New Tiprun S602L/TE 1.83M

Major Craft Crostage New Tiprun S602L/TE 1.83m

Major Craft Crostage New Tiprun S602L/TE 1.83m. The 3rd generation cross stage, which has become serious about tip run egging, is finally starting!
Κωδικός Προιόντος: MAJORCRXJ-S602L/TE
186,74 €
168,07 €
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A full-fledged model that allows you to enjoy tip-runs that have been booming in recent years.

The blank uses a solid tip to catch even the slightest bite, and the blank that uses the torqueful cross force manufacturing method absorbs squid jet jets, so you will be able to catch it reliably.

Please enjoy the world of tip run with a reasonable authentic rod.

It is the best model for games using tip run bait trees up to MAX 45g at points around 50m in depth.

This model is ideal for quick lures that take advantage of the short length of 6 feet and the slight strike that appears on the solid tip instantly.

 It is recommended for those who want to enjoy aggressive tip-run egging because it feels like an extension of the arm.

Μοντέλο Μήκος Κλειστό Στελέχη Οδηγοί PE C.W. Action
MAJORCRXJ-S602L/TE 1.83m 0.92m 2 10 Fuji 0.4-1.0 Max 45gr Ex.Fast

 Micropitch Force Carbon

The carbon fibers are winded in 1 to 3 layers transversed in vertical and horizontal direction to stabilize strength. Double taping in placed on the outer layer in X shape, tighten and reinforced. The new manufacturing method is resistand to twisting.


Major Craft Crostage Cross X Force


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