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Sunline Siglon FC

Sunline Siglon FC

Very good quality Sunline Siglon FC 100% Fluorocarbon made in Japan.
Κωδικός Προιόντος: SL-SG-01
8,67 €
7,80 €
Διάμετρος Πετονιάς
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Length Diameter Resistance
50m 0.16mm 1.8kg
50m 0.18mm 2.2kg
50m 0.20mm 2.8kg
50m 0.225mm 3.4kg
50m 0.245mm 4.1kg
50m 0.265m 4.7kg
50m 0.29mm 5.4kg
50m 0.31mm 6.1kg
50m 0.35mm 7.1kg
50m 0.38mm 9.1kg
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