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Owner Leco Squid Jigs 7,5cm

Τεχνητά Δολώματα Owner Καλαμαριέρα Squid Jig Leco 7,5cmΤεχνητά Δολώματα Owner Καλαμαριέρα Squid Jig Leco 7,5cm

Owner Leco Squid Jigs 7,5cm

This jig "LECO" more specialized vertical motion as squid for JIGGING. Because this type of squid have vertical movement as bait, so the LECO wants to imitate this motion. The shape of the body in combination with the sharp edges and the weight make it easier to run when the angler continues the up - down (jigging motion). Of course this movement is achieved by reed.
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7,69 €
6,92 €
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An innovative system for jig hooks from the Owner: The combination of two different in size hooks series, each of which has two different thickness and diameter hooks, creates the perfect result! Three of the nine hooks, are thinner and soft wire of the other six, and thus the whole jig is greater penetration and is not readily snag!

Παράδοση σε 2-4 ημέρες


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