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Return Policy

Fishingspot accepts product changes within twenty (20) calendar days - from the day the order is sent to the customer. In this case and if there is no issue of fault of, for example defective product, the costs of transfer back to are borne by the customer. The following terms are important for approving product or multiple product returns:

The product, products have not been used and are in their original packaging, just as they were received by the customer.

Any logos, insignia, labels or stickers on the product must not have been removed.

If the product has a security label on the product, it must not have been removed.

The product, products to be returned must be accompanied by the necessary purchase documents for example receipt or invoice.

Money return

If all the above conditions are met and there is no issue of fault of, when the product is received back by then the company is obliged by law to return the amount paid within twenty (20) calendar days. Depending on the payment process, the refund may be made immediately.

Important terms:

In case of non-fault of Fishingspot, any shipping and cash on delivery costs in the refundable amount are not calculated.

In case of Fishingspot's non-fault in the orders where they were not transported, when the amount is refunded, the cash on delivery (where available) and the shipping costs will be charged.